The Company

Based in Statesville, N.C., Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing (KAM) is a vertically integrated simulation and engineering through serial production manufacturing company with Additive Manufacturing (LPBF-M) and CNC Capabilities. The KAM team is comprised of top engineering and machining talent who excel in innovation, creativity and problem-solving.

Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and research universities, KAM develops groundbreaking, custom solutions for several industries, including aerospace, defense, energy, automotive, and performance motorsports. KAM offers several alloys, including AlSi10Mg, 6061RAM2%, Inconel 625 and 718, Ti64, Haynes282 and several other metals.

Additionally, KAM offers a full complement of 3 to 7-axis CNC machining, CT/X-ray, full metrology and an on-site metallurgy laboratory. ​KAM offers end-to-end capabilities in metal manufacturing – from design and print to machining; KAM provides customers with the leading vertically integrated hybrid solution.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spearhead a modern-day industrial revolution by developing innovative, advanced manufacturing solutions. KAM will blaze a new trail for the next generation of American manufacturers, which we believe to be a cornerstone of our economy and democracy. We aim to leave a positive impact on our customers’ businesses, lives and the world around us, operating with truth, grace and integrity while valuing speed, sustainability, and our greatest resource, our team.

Vision Statement

We will be the North American leader in advanced manufacturing, providing creative technology and innovative engineering solutions that shape the next industrial revolution.


KAM’s location allows for convenient access to many industry hubs across the Southeast. Situated in between three major metropolitan areas, the facility is the perfect location for state-of-the-art manufacturing. KAM also sits at the crossroads of two major highways, with easy access to other roadways and three airports, one even running parallel to the facility. Just as the area around us is well-suited to handle large capacities of travel, business and a high standard of living, our facility is well equipped to handle scaled AM production.


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Haley Cook, CPA

Haley Cook, CPA


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