KAM’s footprint in Additive Manufacturing is being recognized as part of the future of business and tech.

KAM founder and CEO Brad Keselowski was featured on Thursday in Mediaplanet’s Industry 4.0 magazine, a centerfold insert in USA Today newspapers across the country. The feature article dives into Brad’s decision to get into the 3D Printing industry with KAM, and why he believes it to be the future of manufacturing.

“The biggest thing it offers you is design freedom — because you’re printing it, you can build little cavities that can be used for fluid management,” Keselowski explained to Industry’s Sue Poremba.

Most importantly, Brad says, it’s bringing down costs while fostering ingenuity. And as the industry continues to grow, he believes so too will the understanding of its benefits, and the tools needed to use and execute an additive manufacturing strategy with 3D Printing.

“The advantages of 3D printing are growing as the costs go down and the ability to integrate into the supply chain and understanding the design,” Keselowski told Industry.

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