KAM’s innovative business practices and interest in aviation recently caught the eye of Twin & Turbine as Founder and CEO Brad Keselowski was featured on the cover of the magazine’s August issue.

The Twin & Turbine cover story discusses Brad’s work with KAM, and the company’s role in the additive manufacturing industry. He described the role of additive manufacturing in NASCAR and believes those benefits can be spread across society.

“When I saw this technology firsthand, I thought to myself this should be available to the mass market,” Keselowski told Twin & Turbine’s Rebecca Groom Jacobs. “It’s on the fringe of doing just that, and I want to help lead the way to make sure it does. I think it’s got huge opportunities to improve the world we live in.”

Brad also discusses the use of private aviation as a necessity for some in his position while mentioning some interesting possible applications of additive manufacturing in the aviation industry in the years to come.

“There is a big, big interest in aviation. The response has been very strong, and you are seeing companies like General Electric and Honeywell who have put a huge emphasis on it,” said Keselowski. “Additive manufacturing has opened up doors and opportunities for them in both capabilities and supply chain management that didn’t exist before.”

In Brad’s eyes, additive manufacturing is going to play a huge role in the fourth industrial revolution. He stressed the importance of the industry and believes there are endless opportunities to change the world for the better with additive manufacturing.

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