Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing adds AM Veteran Scott Volk to the team

KAM welcomes Scott Volk, an AM veteran with over 25 years experience, to the KAM executive team. Scott’s extensive work in both plastic and metal additive manufacturing places Scott in a perfect position to lead Innovation & Strategy throughout KAM to the direct benefit of our customers.

Scott has been involved in all aspects of rapid prototyping processes including materials development, quality, training and estimating in both plastics and metals.

Prior to joining KAM, Scott was responsible for all aspects of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) at Incodema3D.  Scott’s new role at KAM will include manufacturing engineering and continuous improvement and certifications. Scott is an expert at risk assessment and analysis as it relates to next-generation designs and hybrid production using both subtractive and additive advanced technologies.

[Click here to read the biography of Scott Volk, heading up Innovation & Strategy at KAM]

Scott’s broad background in research and development with LPBF includes five patents in addition to many years of engagement with academia and various 3D printing standards committees.  KAM is focused on “simulation through production” at accelerated rates and his skills complement KAM’s ability to create complex engineering solutions that others won’t attempt. Working with our strategic partners, Scott will continue to drive and develop materials and processes to meet new demands.

Brad Keselowski commented, “As we continue forward with our strong growth plans we always seek the best talent available. The best equipment isn’t enough–we must have the best technical leaders to keep us on the cutting edge. We’re delighted to have Scott join the KAM family with his extensive background in plastics, metals and serial production of high-value solutions.”

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