Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing is making moves in 2020 and the rest of the additive manufacturing industry is taking notice.

KAM and founder Brad Keselowski was recently interviewed by The Additive Report to discuss his big plans for KAM and why his profession as a race car driver drives his passion for innovation.

“My position within our racing companies is to drive new technologies and drive advancements from academia to production,” said Keselowski. “It’s similar conceptually with 3D printing. I look at the technology and I think, ‘I’m in a position to push it forward into real applications that can change the world.’ Hopefully we can do just that.”

The feature article goes on to discuss KAM’s hybrid approach to manufacturing, which KAM Additive Engineer Kevin Cwiok described as a premium blend of additive and subtractive manufacturing.

“We understand the two technologies are different, and we understand they’re not going to replace each other. Hybrid is really like making a marriage out of the two.”

The article also dives into all the hardware, machinery, and software that position KAM as a factory of the future.

“It’s predominantly run by computer and programming, from the front office to the shop floor,” Keselowski said. He added that “3D printing starts with engineering, and engineering starts with simulation.”

To read the full article, check out The Additive Report.

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